Princess Cays

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Princess Cays, located in southern Eleuthera, is a Carnival exclusive island of the Bahamas.

Family and I spent a day (from 9-3) on the island as a cruise destination. It required riding a boat to arrive there and a 30-minute wait. Not soon after arriving, the paparazzi snapped photos of us with props and pirates.




Me, mom, aunt, dad, and grandmom then went to find beach chairs on the hot island (perhaps 90 degrees or higher). Finding a shady spot was challenging, let alone any. There were also options to rent tents for $30 or a bungalow for over $200 with AC and fan. We found a couple shady spots luckily, then went right in the water. We coincidentally met our cousins, who were collecting rocks and swimming in the salty sea. Me and one of my cousins also went snorkeling at a rock in the distance, where one would see tiny fish. Ones that I saw were silver, yellow, black, and purple.


On the rear right side, one can rent a blue tent for $30.


By noon, we went over to the grill for lunch, since it would close by 1. There were 4 closed-in stations where people line up to get their food. On the menu was potato salad, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, cous cous, etc. I put so much on my plate since I didn’t want to get back in the crazy line. Worse, there was no water available by the time I got to the drinks. Imagine waiting in line for 30 minutes with steam from the grill filling up the air until you find no H20!!  But thankfully, I snook in through the back way a little later and voila, there it was!

Soon after lunch, dad and I headed over to the bungalow to see the newlyweds. I made the brilliant decision to walk there barefoot on the hot cement and sand, probably a good mile or two (I soon found out that a shuttle can take you to and fro). The bungalows were these beautifully colored housing units with beach chairs and a private beach. The waters even had a lot more fish, no goggles necessary!




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I stayed at the Bungalows until 3, when everyone had to leave the island. I reunited with the rest of the family and went back to the ship. I felt that I spent a good amount of time on the island. However, I regret not having an underwater camera to snap photos. That’s  likely the next time I go to the Bahamas.

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Florida Bound!

I'm very excited to head down to Florida!! Me and family will be going on a cruise to celebrate my cousins wedding! We are driving down (12 hours!) and 3 of us (maybe 4) will take turns driving. There, I will meet with other cousins and a friend of mine for a day. I'm stoked!! This is my third cruise and my first Carnival cruise! I'm very curious how this will compare to royal carribean. My last royal carribean cruise was 3 years ago!!! Wow how time flies! Our destinations will be Princess Cay and Freeport of the Bahamas. I'll certainly update photos and document my experience.