Today’s visits were straightforward, with every house having clean yards and filters. Some families were also kind enough to provide us refreshments, such as a corn beverage (a mix of water, corn, and sugar but milk can also be used), and cookies.

After hiking, we relaxed and tabulated survey data. I then went to chat with one of the health promoters who’s my age. We talked about the economic condition of Nicaragua and how it compares to that of the US and Costa Rica. He explained that the unemployment rate is high despite exports of tobacco and coffee (though this is more in the North region). He also mentioned how vital AMOS is in supporting the community and health. Other than that, it was casual talk (such as our professions). The chat was cut short though and I had to return to work.

During leisure, some of us played kickball with a little boy. It was going well for a bit, until suddenly one of the kicks ended up hitting the boy on the forehead! The poor little guy fell and cried! He wasn’t too badly injured thankfully and later was happy again!

At 4, we went toward the school to play some kickball for real. The teams were mixed with volunteers and locals. I would say both teams were equally as good and very competitive. I couldn’t even get to first base! The field was all mud and dirt with everyone kicking and sliding. It was some muddy good fun.


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