Today was not a stroll in the park like yesterday.

We split into threes, hiking the whole time. It was probably 90 degrees out at least, making it hard for me to breath while hiking. I made sure to bring two bottles to stay hydrated, though.

The visits were pretty straightforward, and I was in charge of surveys. It seemed that with each visit, my Spanish was improving. Either that or I memorized the survey questions.

We returned at around 1 to eat lunch and document survey results. On the menu was some Gallo pinto (just to not always repeat rice and beans) with avena. We played some games with kids shortly after.

Some of the local girls (who I’ll call Alaina and Maya) were already waiting for us to come play. The first game we played was called ratoncito. It was a cat/mouse game. A circle is formed around a “mouse” . The “cat” intimidates the mouse to come outside the circle to get cheese. Once the rat gets outside, he/she has to avoid the cat. The rat can go inside the circle, where they try the block the cat out. I played as the mouse once, which is so difficult being a big target for the cat.

We then played cops and robbers while it was dark outside. Imagine playing a game where you are chasing kids and can’t see a thing! I went inside, grabbed a flashlight, then went out. But it’s not fun running while trying to see what’s going on. I didn’t even know who was a cop or robber. I stopped playing after a bit, but they didn’t. They were just superhuman.

Later, everyone went inside and the kids were taught how to play duck goose. Kids like to do anything that involves running, and these ones just loved it!! At around 9, the kids all went to their homes.

As we socialized at the table, cockroaches and spiders were crawling up the walls of the home (one of them got on my net!). Heck, one of the spiders was carrying eggs with it. It made for a great Farkle punishment: Kill the mother spider. Poor Charlotte! The loser went to grab a shovel to squish the spider as she struggled to survive. None of us knew if the spider got killed, but it was crazy!

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