Granada is a city well-known for its colorful and beautiful architecture. A must for those who enjoy the urban scene.

At 8 am I woke up to some eggs, fruit cocktail, and coffee. We had a choice to go to Granada or stay at Lagoon of Apoyo. So most of us, if not all, rode a white large truck from AMOS to get there.

We arrived at a plaza in this beautiful city surrounded by horse buggies. It was really hot out but better than stormy weather.

Getting word of a chocolate museum nearby called the Choco Museo, we went there first. There you learn about the history of chocolate, create your own, and indulge yourself at a chocolate spa! We walked around a bit trying chocolate samples, passing a cafe, and souvenir shop. Some decided to take a chocolate spa while I decided to charge my phone and camera. I headed out the museum soon after, but not before trying some iced cocoa drink. And man was it delicious! What’s funny is that I asked the cashier how much for the drink in Spanish (cuántos dólares?). Yet, he interpreted it as doler, which means pain.  How much pain for that drink?

After enjoying this refresher, a few of us walked to the plaza to take a tour of Granada. And my that area screamed tourism! Mobile vendors came up to us and tried to negotiate us into buying some sunglasses and two little boys try to give me a handcrafted flower. Some men also offered us a tour of Granada for 20 dollars each, speaking English while at it. Despite such attempts, we kept moving. We then went up to a guy who offered us the tour in Spanish for the same price. We all agreed to it and hopped on.

We trekked through multiple cobblestone streets stopping at historical sites like the Antigua Estación del Ferrocil (Ancient railroad station), Chamorro family household (Violeta Chamorro was the first female president of Nicaragua), and El Cementario de Granada (Granada Cemetery) among others.



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But other places not on tour fascinated me as well. Some of these colorful edifices included a game station with Nintendo painted outside, a love park, and many car wash stations. People were often staring at us, some exchanging handwaves.





After the tour, we returned to the plaza and explored for a bit. Some of us decided to go inside La Catedral de Granada (pictured at the top) where a service was taking place. It was beautifully colored both inside and outside. On the ceiling, one could observe fresco paintings like The Creation of Adam by Davinci. After spending time there, we continued roaming around the city.

A few of us decided to go souvenir shopping. We went to a vendor down the street with trinkets such as key chains and postcards. But something that stood out to me was a small hammock. The colors weren’t bad (purple, white, yellow, and gray) but it seemed like the right size for my porch at home. With size more important, I decided to buy it. It cost around 180 córdobas, which is approximately 55 US dollars (I then realized that hammocks sell cheaper in Managua). It was traveler’s mistake número 1; Don’t buy in touristy areas.

At some time in the afternoon, we all decided to return to the lagoon. Unfortunately, the white truck wasn’t there to pick us up, so we rode taxis back. Once arriving at the Peace Project hostel, we relaxed for most of the day.

On the next page is a description of people and monuments in Granada.

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